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5 Jan , 2018 Investment News


Life changing natural life nutrient enhancements. Healthy, tasty, beneficial to your body. Undisclosed seed round.

10 Nov , 2017 Investment News

Recurrer Global is a subscription, billing and payment platform enabling subscription and SaaS companies to easily set-up and manage customer subscription, payment and billing information.

8 Aug , 2017 Investment News is a block chain platform for smart contracting and IoT service provisioning. M-VC has led the undisclosed  seed round.

Prommpt SaaS

10 Sep , 2016 Investment News

Prommpt SaaS

M-VC Europe has invested in Prommpt SaaS Ltd Holdings. Prommpt is a unique SaaS based project management and collaboration platform.

18 Mar , 2016 Investment News

Lead-investment in the mobile engagement and management platform Leap mobile is a platform for orchestration of mBaaS tracking, services, app engagement and marketing.